Tips for sustainable shopping

Tips for sustainable shopping

Our world is insanely complex - sometimes it's hard for us to even consider all the relevant factors, let alone include them. 

Our first thought is: Online shopping is not sustainable and bad! 

We've done a little research on the subject and want to take you on a little excursion! 💡

Stationary trade is good and important at the same time - we also work together with many retailers! Nevertheless, a store must be air-conditioned and supplied with electricity all year round. Products are usually delivered in packaging, unpacked for sale and refurbished. (see source 1)

Many people go by car for a short shopping trip. Here it is important to note that a car journey of 3 kilometers is roughly equivalent to the CO2 consumption of a parcel shipment. This point is especially relevant for those who live in a more rural area and have to drive to the next town. (cf. source 2)

"While the fuel consumption of a delivery vehicle on a daily trip of 50 kilometers in the city is spread over 150 parcels, for example, similar fuel consumption is also incurred for a Saturday shopping trip to the nearest city center. The difference, therefore, is that the CO2 emissions of the private shopping trip are only for the shopping pleasure of a few people. In the future, emissions per parcel could drop even further, as Deutsche Post is currently converting its vehicle fleet to the electrically powered Streetscooters, which have zero CO2 and noise emissions." (Source 3)

If you live in the country, it is definitely a good idea to order online. If that's not the case & you still prefer to order online, we've collected a few ideas here. 

  • use sustainable search engines - we can recommend Ecosia to you 
  • buy consciously - do you really need it?
  • avoid returns - they are a real killer for the ecobalance
  • Big order, instead of many small ones - maybe your friends need something too?
  • Delivery to the parcel store - avoids, for example, double delivery 
  • Support companies that produce regionally & fairly
  • Support companies that pay their employees fairly

Und was ja schließlich auch ganz wichtig ist: viel Freude beim Shoppen, Peeps! <3


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