Which wallet suits you best?

Which wallet suits you best?

If the picture is too nonsensical for you, just read on below! ūüĖ§


Admittedly, the choice of the right wallet is quite tricky for us. After all, we now have 7 different variants up our sleeve, all of which have their weaknesses and strengths. Therefore, our question first: What type are you? What is important to you?

(Trigger warning: the word "RFID" appears here frequently. If you're like, "Huh, what's that?", check out here.)


RFID Secure Wallet: Our best seller among the products. Has more space than you might guess and offers up to 12 cards, afew coins, a few bills a home. Nevertheless, it is incredibly handy & does not bulge the pants pocket. In addition, the wallet RFID protected. Long story short: for the normalos among us, perfectly solid. 

XL wallet: Do you like to carry copper money worth a small car & also sometimes pick up the receiptsfrom 2017 (for safety or out of pure laziness)? Yes, then this wallet is exactly yours. It has space for up to 15 cards, which are divided into three compartments. All compartments are RFID protected. One of them transparent, for things you need to have a good look at. In addition, there are two bill compartments and a larger coin compartment with zipper back. To put it in a nutshell: this is probably more of a wallet for women - but ultimately suitable for the collectors among us. 

RFID card case: Designedfor those whofind small change simply annoying and primarily pay with card. The card case offers space for up to 10 cards, is RFID protected and has a practical cut also a bill compartment in the back. It can be closed with a magnet - so everything is safely stored here and very handy. Are you rather a minimalist person? Go for it.  

Classic wallet: It all started with this piece of jewelry. From the dimensions it is like the RFID Secure wallet - but without RFID and with Velcro coin pocket. The wallet has card slots in front and another & a bill compartment in the back. Fits just so normal much pure - is also optimal for party making, for travel, as a second wallet .

Coin purses: our "was-still-leftover" purse. Here we fished some dusty (okay, a bit exaggerated) prints out of storage and thought about what we could do with them. The result is a small purse for a few coins, your keys & a few cards. For little inside & only the most important things. 

Card holder: For those who live ahead of the times & only pay by card. No coins, no bills (if you do, please keep them in your pocket). Nothing more to say here: absolutely basic, no frills, no frills. 

RFID Portemonnaie Pro:¬†Kannst du gar nicht in der Grafik finden? Keine Sorge, ist nicht wie mit Walter, den man manchmal einfach im Get√ľmmel nicht ausfindig machen kann. Das Pro ist unser neustes Babe in der Kollektion und reiht sich zwischen dem RFID Kartenetui und dem RFID Wallet ein. Es ist ein klein wenig h√∂her als die klassische RFID Variante, sodass hier auch die Hunnis sicher verstaut sind. Au√üerdem kommt es mit einem extra Kartenetui, das man einfach aus der Seite ziehen kann, um kontaktlos zu bezahlen. Ganz sch√∂n smart, wa? Achja, und am Kartenhalter gibt's noch einen Keyring: f√ľr den wichtigsten Schl√ľssel zu deiner Wohnung (oder deinem Herzen).


And - what type are you? 

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