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Maybe it's our restlessness, the aversion to stagnation that arises in us as soon as we stop thinking. Anyway - we dig in and rock every project with 100% heart and soul! Because that's just how we are and we're up for it. 

We are a group of young lunatics who pursue one goal: to produce beautiful, practical and innovative products - regionally! In addition, we attach great importance to sustainability and are always striving to evolve in this area. 

Step by step towards progress.


We take one of your bestseller designs and put it on one of our bestseller products. Bam! You are welcome to take a small amount of our products into your store to increase sales. We might also take a few of your products into our shop - and the Capsule Edition is ready.

01 Introduction Call

Let's have a video call and talk about the cooperation. We'll give you an introduction to the Paprcuts world and explain how it works and what to expect.

02 Design Process

We'll provide you the templates and instructions to be able to experiment with your design or you can decide to send use your design and we will create the mockups.

03 Production & Launch

Once the design is ready, we'll check the file is ready for the print and start producing it with our printing partners. In 5 weeks the final product is ready for the launch.

04 Capsule Edition

This is one of the most recent capsule editions called “Vanlife” with Roadtyping. We took their bestsellers and sold them in our online store - they also took some of our bestsellers into their online store. Win-Win.

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Our experience has shown us that three products in particular are suitable for cooperation. We would like to introduce you to our bestsellers.

The absolute top seller is our RFID wallet - we sold over 30,000 in 2021. Its brother, the RFID Pro Wallet, which was further developed based on customer feedback, was also very well received by our customers. Our Wash Bags are one of our first products and their light weight makes them a strong companion on trips and in everyday life.



The RFID Secure Wallet is our bestseller. RFID protected, with magnetic coin pocket and 3 compartments for a total of up to 12 cards. Additionally, it is a lightweight with only 27 grams and super slim with only 0.8 cm.



The RFID PRO Wallet is the most professional amongst all of our wallets. Based on feedback from our customers, the PRO version comes with an extra card holder for contactless payment. With a keyring for the key to all hearts. Even the really big bills find a cozy home here. The safe for your pocket.



Our washbags are perfect for all your travels: no dead weight, super flexible and washable, if shampoo or anything else should leak. Inside there are 3 small compartments for separate pills, plants, .. and everything can be closed with a great quality zipper.


In October 2021 we started a joint cooperation with the Wuppertal Startup Ligarti. The result was a beautiful RFID wallet with the bestselling design "Die Begegnung".

Initial Sales Weekend


€ Revenue

Total Wallets Sold

The cooperation was a complete success. Both sides were very satisfied with the sales, the voucher sales and the increase in new customers. In addition, the similar audience still brings us traffic to each other's web stores.

Since then we have added more and more designs and products to both our collections. We have now RFID Wallets, RFID Pro Wallets, Washbags, Passport Covers and soon not only one but another top selling design. 


Min. Production: 250 Wallets

We share the amount - you get 125 for 14,99€ each and 20 on top for free which equals 300€ Bonus / Reduction.

We will buy some of your bestsellers in return and add them to our Microsite and do a Capsule Edition. You can also buy some of our bestsellers to create a nice collection.

We create a mutual Newsletter and Social Media Kick off and push our cooperation & generate sales and new fans for each other.


Min. Production: 250 Wallets

Min. 5-10k active Followers on Instagram

We will sell the whole amount in our Webshop. You get the total amount of the gross selling price of the first 10 Wallets: 349,90€ gross.

If you have a shop you can purchase some wallets for yourself (min. 25 for 14,99€ net each) or we sell them in our webshop only if you don’t have one.

We create a mutual Newsletter and Social Media Kick off and push our cooperation & generate sales and new fans for each other.

The possibility to cooperate with designer who give only their designs it is temporarily not available due to a longer queue. We appreciate your effort and try to solve it as soon as possible.

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